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The dream kitchen you’ve always wanted

Included in your home loan

Why One Point Renovation?

Let’s face it, a kitchen renovation can be a lot of work! You’ve heard all the stories…  Spending hours shopping for cabinets and countertops. Looking for an interior designer who understands your style. Interviewing multiple contractors.  We believe there’s a better way to get your dream kitchen.  We simplified the process and make it easier for you.

At One Point Renovation we take care of your kitchen renovation from start to finish. We have a unique process that has all of the important steps already done for you by a team in the design, financing and the construction business. With the cost of the renovation in your mortgage and installation after escrow closes, you save both money and time.


“The old way”

Time consuming and disruptive.

Spend several hours shopping for cabinets and countertops or pay for an interior designer and then interview multiple contractors.

Save up cash for months or charge it on a credit card, paying high interest rates.

The inconvenience of living through renovation. text text text text text

After a long, disruptive process, your new kitchen is installed and you can finally get your house back in order.

One Point Renovation

Efficient and convenient.

Select one of our designer kitchens and our team will install it for you from start to finish. text text text text text text

The cost of your kitchen renovation goes directly into your home loan.

Your kitchen installation begins right when escrow closes.

Your beautiful new kitchen is installed leaving you with a stress-free renovation. text text text text text text